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Igor Buyseech

“I have been using Rank Club premium PBN links for over 3 years now with great results every time. It was great to see they added the tier2 ‘one-time fee’ option with tested and quality links as well. There are very few vendors out there who offer this service which isn’t pure spam, so I`m stoked to give more of these a try going forward.”

Andrew Jester

“Recently placed an order with Rank Club for their Tier 2 links and was highly impressed with the quality. Quick TAT and high-quality metrics on all of the links. Eventually saw some nice SERP jumps from the placements too!”

Constantin Oesterling

“The best tier 2 links you can get within that price range. I’ve been paying the same for generic PBNs before, but Rank Club’s are niche relevant. Considering that relevance of the linking content is a major factor, this is likely the best bang for your buck you can get when building tier 2 links.”

Paul DeMott

“I was thrilled to hear that Rank Club was coming out with a tier 2 link package. Their level of professionalism is unmatched, in the link building space, and their tier 2 links are of the utmost quality. Few sellers provide this level of quality even for their tier 1 links.”

William Tribe

“Rob shared the PBN links with me and they are very high quality. They are on niche relevant domains, the metrics are good and the content is readable. The PBNs follow all of the best practices and I will be using them for my tier 2’s from now on.”

How Tier 2 Link Building Works

The Tier 2 Network Small

Tier 2:
Rank Club PBNs

Provides efficient link juice

Tier 1:

White hat editorials, guest posts, outreach, Etc.

A layer of protection to add safety

Your Money Site

• Secured link juice delivery

• Typical result in 1.5 – 2 months

Tier 2 Network vs The Link Service (Tier 1 network)


The T2 Network

The Link Service

Premium PBN Design and Quality

Domains Sourced from Pre-Auction Private Brokers

Domains are Non-dropped and Aged

unique, high-quality Content for every link

cost effective single payment

Average Power link juice

high power link juice

Can Use as direct links to Money Site

Links will Stick on Homepage

Maximum 8 outbound links per domain

average Metric Breakdown



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Eric Ang

We have started using Rank Club Tier 2 service to juice up our PBN links back in September 2020 - since then we have seen a consistent impact on our ranking - the quality of the links are one of the best you can get.

The customer service is awesome too - shoot them any question and the response is quick and helpful.

Eric Ang SS

Kapil Ochani

We have been using Rank Club’s Tier 2 links for over a year now, after realizing that our tier 1 guest posts links alone were not moving the needle for our clients. They needed some link juice behind them which had to come from a safe source and not some automated program like GSA or Xrumer.

After giving the site a taste of the Dominator Package from Rank Club, we started seeing some great results. Our site is in a very competitive industry, so we decided to give it another round of Tier 2 links and our client had the best Christmas earnings ever. Not only that, January and Feb (so far) traffic has been on the rise as well.

I would highly recommend this service to everyone who is looking to boost their Tier 1 links and wants to get great result faster!

Kapil Ochani SS
Brad Russel pic

Brad Russel

Since using Rank Club's tier 2 link service, we've experienced awesome results across a range of different niches. In just a few short months, our organic rankings have climbed steadily, with no other on-site changes or link building during that time.

Additionally, their prices and quality of links are outstanding. I'll be using Rank Club for many years to come, and can't recommend their service highly enough.

Sampath Kolanu pic

Sampath Kolanu

I have been using Rank club Tier 2 links for some of my high quality guest posts with keyword related anchors and the results are amazing!

I see guest posts ranking top 20 for the main keyword making my Tier 1 guest post link more effective.


Are these links niche-specific?

Do you service the Casino, Adult, and CBD niches?

For how long do you guarantee placement?

How long will the links stay on the homepage?

Are PBN domains given in fulfillment reports?

Will each link in a link package be placed on a unique site?

Do you provide the content?

What is the typical turn-around time?

Do you service foreign language niches?