Andrew Dale

I have heard the feedback from some of the members and spoke to them about the network that they have. I would recommend it to those that are not interested in creating their own. They do it nicely with niched networks, which as we all know, is really the key here.
I had a few people ask me if I thought it was good for them, and I can tell you, that these are not crappy back links that will wind up hurting your site. This is a solid system that people are seeing results with. That is really the end game, right? If you people were not seeing results, then I would not put my stamp on it. I would say definitely jump on board for those sites that are finding that “stuck” issue within the serps.

Todd Foster

This is the only service I have used on a new Lawyer lead gen site. The content on the homepage is pretty thin right now but the site has already gone from N/A to 60th on Google. Pretty impressive considering my homepage has not even been finished. Great service.

Jonathan Kiekbusch

We recently used these links for some of our campaigns, and sure enough got some phenomenal results for the client within just a few days. A great vendor to buy from. Links are solid, the prices are fair and the support is superb. The folks in my office love working with them, which saves me a ton of time and hassle. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have the time or budget to build out a network.

Daryl Rosser

A great service for anyone that isn’t interested in building out their own PBN. I’ve personally used them for niche relevant PBN’s when testing a new market. They put a lot of effort into building decent looking PBN’s and avoiding footprints i.e. using legit hosts. I will happily give these guys the first and only ever “Lion Zeal Seal of Approval”.

Dirk Diggy

This link service is awesome. Whatever your budget, you can get links that will help boost your rankings. Service is excellent, delivery is incredibly fast, usually within 48 hours from placing the order. I highly recommend itas part of your SEO strategy.

Asfaqur Rahman

I’ve been very satisfied with the services. I appreciate the backlinks service very much.
I rent some links and my SERP improved within a week.

Matt Wenger

For those who are looking to buy links at a good price, you cannot go wrong. They are 1) solid, 2) not a BSer who is out just to churn/burn relationships/money.

Floyd Gonda

Get this, I just tried his offer and based everything from what people say about them and their service. So what’s the result? Bought three links with different keywords. 1st keyword jumped 40 places, 2nd jumped 35, and the third jumped 24. All this in a week’s time.
They surely deliver.

David Hannan

I can attest that thisservice for links is super easy to sign up for, his team of people are great to work with, and they get you the link in a very timely manner.
I have a niche that they don’t have reliant domains for, but bought a link in their “general” section and it worked like a charm!

Mantas Langaitis

I’ve been using these links for over 3 months for my own affiliate sites as well as for my local client sites.
Probably the best achievement so far was a jump from page 2 to 3rd position just with two links from them. It just shows how powerful they are.