First things first, take these steps…

Our measures go above and beyond the norm when it comes to hiding footprints and securing the sites.

However, you can help too. Here are some necessary actions we insist that you take to protect your investment.

1. Keep track of your links. It goes without saying that in order to perform proper offsite SEO, you need to keep track of the sources of your links as well as the anchor text you’ve used. That being said...

2. Avoid using Google products for keeping track of your links. Especially…

    1. Gmail – We’d highly prefer if you didn’t use Gmail, but if you insisit, do not ‘type’ any URLs (your sites or ours) directly into any email message.
    2. Google Docs – We recommend which is a much better XLS solution anyways.

3. Try not to repeat the same link patterns. For example, let’s say you have and You purchase links from to both and Try not to repeat this same pattern on another PBN. The more that it’s repeated, the more of a footprint you’re creating.

4. Be careful with disavows. Perhaps in the past you’ve gotten some low quality spam links or maybe you were negative SEO’d. Before considering a disavow, make certain that you’re facing a Penguin penalty. Second, be absolutely sure you don’t disavow the wrong links. There’s right ways to do disavow and wrong ways. We’re happy to give our advice.


In September 2014, there was a large wave of de-indexes. People lost between 40-100% of their networks. Rank Club's network (then known as Diggity Links) faced zero casualties. 0% of the network was taken down during this period.

In August 2015, many networks experienced de-indexing due to being on SEO hosting, a pitfall our team (then known as Diggity Links) had predicted long ago. Again, we faced zero casualties due to hosting on bad neighborhoods.

You’re in good hands.

Should a de-index happen for whatever reason, we will automatically adjust your subscription and refund you for the unfulfilled month. However, we do not offer refunds for any penalties that you may incur. By making a purchase, you are acknowledging that there is a risk involved (for both parties, in fact).

Q: Is it OK to change URLs or anchors text after the links have been placed?

A: No. Once a link is placed, neither the URL or the anchor text may be adjusted. The reason is as follows: search engines punish websites that are clearly in control of their own link building. When a target URL or an anchor text is changed in an existing article, it is a clear sign that the site owner has some control of the sites linking to him/her. Thus, we don’t allow URL and anchor text changes, to protect both the network and yourself.


If you’d like to cancel links for whatever reason, log into PayPal and cancel the appropriate subscription in your “My Pre Approved Payments” dashboard (instructions).

When you purchase an order with us, we send you a subscription ID number. You can reference this number to make sure you cancel the relevant subscription.

Please note: Because of changes in the PayPal system, we will no longer be able to cancel subscriptions for you. If you would like to cancel a subscription and you are late in doing so, no refunds will be given.

How to get Free Links

For every 10 links that go to a single domain (various pages on the same domain count), you’ll get two free lifetime inner page links to that same domain, on a blog of our choice. 
These links are ideal for pillowing: creating backlinks for your non-critical anchors such as URLs, brand, and “click here’s”.

You can reach the 10-link-milestone on one purchase or multiple purchases. For example, if you order 4 links in your first order, and 6 links in a later order, then you’re still eligible.

Once you reach 10 links, simply contact with the URL and Anchor combinations you’d like.